twentysound brings you new Sounds: Classical Music from the 20th and 21st Century!

twentysound is an internet radio channel dedicated to classical music from the 20th and 21st century, focussing on those composers who have carefully developed the great traditions of the 18th and 19th century and who have not been influenced too much by radical musical theories like twelve tone theory and serialism.

Many of the composers played by twentysound are well-known, like Shostakovich, Bernstein or Britten, but very many are virtually unknown today, ignored both by critics (because they are not radical enough for them) and the public (because they sound too modern). Of course, not all composers are geniuses, but many are worthwhile listening too, and sometimes you will discover an unknown gem!

We mostly play symphonic works with classical forms, like concertos and symphonies, but also smaller pieces and chamber music. Operas are not part of the program, and vocal works only in selected cases. Wherever possible, we play whole works, not single movements. The music portfolio of twentysound has reached a good level by now, with almost 7000 works, organized in about 800 2-4 hour programs. We look forward to your musical suggestions and ideas for programs!

Our stream is being broadcast with a bit rate of 128 kb/s via . is a German provider who supplies the technical infrastructure and rights management (GEMA) for us, and in return sometimes inserts adverts into the program. If you own a hardware web radio or smartphone, you usually can add twentysound to your channels via the follwoing stream URL:

For many audio players like Windows Media Player or Winamp, the m3u file is needed to access the station:

Twentysound is listed at TuneIn:

For Logitech and other radios based on TuneIn, just search for "twentysound". For "Frontier Silicon"-based radios (e.g. muvid, Medion or TechniSat), you will find twentysound via the menu, selecting "Stations - Countries - Internet only - Classical". With some other internet radios, we are listed as "20sound". If you own an Alexa speaker, you can activate the skill in the Music & Audio skill menu, and then ask Alexa to open and play "twentysound" (please report if it really works!).

Finally, we now have our own Android App, available via Google Play under "twentysound". The app makes it easy to listen to twentysound via smartphone.

Currently broadcasted:

Information about the musicians, orchestras or conductor is not available on this site at the moment. But using the manufacturer number of the CD/LP listed above, it should be easy for you to google this information.